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Visit Cancun: Lovely Magic Destination and Caribbean

Meet Cancun

There are always tourist destinations for all tastes, so, do not worry about finding a place that suits you. However, no one in the Caribbean that outperforms most because of its beauty and its spectacular setting: Cancun.

Cancun is the place chosen by nature to make vacation dreams come true. This Mexican city is one of the most representative in the world tourism market. Therefore, it is visited annually by a large number of foreign visitors.

This town is not only known for its cultural attractions or beaches, other activities of great interest that can be done here. Some of them are linked to shopping, the fun at the bars or nightclubs or practice of any sport. The ideal is to visit the city easy to go slowly finding each of its charms.

Continuing with the description of this wonderful Mexican city, we can say that has an international level of tourism development, backed by the WTO, or also known as the World Tourism Organization. For those who want to know the exact location of Cancun, it is located on the northeast coast of Quintana Roo in the southeastern part of Mexico. One detail worth mentioning is how this town could change in so few years.

That is, many claim that there was a time when this place was not known. Indeed, it was a classic fishing island, which was surrounded by beaches and jungle. However, after several years of changes under a project, Cancún began to mold as we see it today. That is, it became one of the most important as far as global tourism is concerned cities. For many experts on the subject, Cancun is Mexico's most important tourist destination worldwide.

Now is the time to write about your climate. In general it may be concluded that Cancun has a tropical-humid climate characteristics. Fortunately, fortunately for many, the temperature is warm, and to live a peaceful and relaxing holiday. Another aspect that is interesting to mention on this issue is that sea breezes waft through the various avenues that exist in the city.

In itself, this fact generates the temperature is moderate somewhat due to the merger between the warmth and breezes. It should also be noted that throughout the day, the average temperature is between twenty and thirty-six degrees Celsius, with the months of the hottest summer (May to August).

During this season, most likely to occur are heavy tropical rains that occasionally fall on the city. Luckily, they are occasional and temporary, so there is not much to worry about if they occur. Moreover, they can be an excellent way to cool off from the heat in here.

Moreover, we must not forget to point out that between September and November rains may have far-reaching and very strong winds. In the case of rains we can say that the average of these per year is 1200 mm (1200 mm.).

For those who like clear skies to appreciate the full extent of the clouds, the best months to enjoy this show range from November to April. One tip, the most common of hurricane and storm season occurs from early June to late November.

Cancun is a paradise in the Mexican Caribbean, therefore, is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean Travel: Enjoy Cancun!

Cancun attractions
What to visit in Cancun

When someone comes to beautiful Cancun, the first thing you want to do is to enjoy all the benefits it offers. But one that you can stand above the rest. And this is linked to the cultural attractions that are in place. In the case of Cancun, we can say that this city has a wide variety of sites known. And it depends on the tourist establish a visitation order.

This Mexican city has been characterized for some years ago by its imposing monuments, for their extraordinary buildings for its wonderful sights and its peculiar avenues. Together they have made Cancun catapult as one of the major tourist attractions on the planet. That is its relevance. For this reason, it pays to know them a little more. In the following lines we elaborate on each of these four characteristics that make it so spectacular journey through this Mexican village.

As for the monuments, we can say that these play a great role in the history of Cancun. Anyone who wants to know more about the culture and traditions of this Mexican city, you should know at least the origin of these structures. One of the most important is the Source North-South Dialogue, which was built in October 1981 to celebrate the Meeting of Presidents. In the past, this monument was a set of iron figures without form and style it was known under the name Insectronic. One detail that should not be ignored regarding this matter is that this site is chosen by the people to congregate. Whatever the reason, the only thing worthwhile is fun. Here, celebrations are held local and national.

The Source of Kukulcan is characterized as striking in the eyes of foreign public. It is located in the Boulevard of the same name and has six heads of the feathered serpent known as Kukulcan (Maya deity divine representing the winds). Another detail worth noting is that these heads have as a point of orientation the four cardinal points. It is advisable to come here and enjoy a couple of hours watching this beautiful building. It really is incredible to appreciate the art of the great Mayan civilization in our time. It is a privilege that must be maximized, so that they can understand the characteristics of life of its inhabitants.

Another renowned building is the monument to the history of Mexico, which was designed by the master of sculpture, Ramon De Lazaro Bencomo. In itself, this building was opened in the early eighties, more precisely in 1981, and its main mission, extolling the history of Mexico as a nation. To accomplish this task the most important characters of this Central American country were recorded. That is its importance. To see this is something very striking. And it will be much more if the name given to this building by the people is heard. For them, the monument to the history of Mexico is known as the Monument to the Blender, this is due to its peculiar shape.

The Jose Marti Memorial was opened in the late seventies (1978) and refers to the great Cuban poet. Like the earlier monument, the village also named this building with a peculiar name (Monument "Bananas"). Ideally come here when you have time and take pictures from different to remember the conclusion trip.

The Esplanade of the Flag is another place that should be known by tourists who come to Cancun. In the late nineties, more precisely in the year 1998, he held the first raising of the spectacular Mexican flag in here. Responsible for carrying out such an act was the then president Ernesto Zedillo. It is also worth mentioning that this place is located at kilometer five from the hotel sector, which is the reason for his great success. The flag flying has such large dimensions that can be spotted from the center of Cancun and from the famous Isla Mujeres. To get an idea of ​​the size of the banner we can say that the shaft is over one hundred meters (103.7 m), weighing one hundred and twenty kilos and that its length exceeds 1400 square meters. (1,424 m). Finally, a fact worth mentioning is that the texture of the fabric with which this flag is drawn largely resembles to that used to make parachutes.

Impossible to set aside if it is building is the Municipal Palace, seat of the Executive, which has a variety of departments in the head of Benito Juarez place. It should also be noted that within its facilities the radio station known as Radio City Hall (105.9 FM) is. On the front plate of the Plaza de la Reforma, place used to carry out civic activities of the city, local fairs and parades is located. There also is a statue of former Mexican President Benito Juarez. In summary, one can conclude that visit is a unique and unparalleled experience, therefore, it is advisable to bring the camera and capture the best shots of this magnificent building.
As for the sites, we can say that one of the most important is the Kabah Ecological Park, which was created to protect the species in Cancun. In general, one can say that this urban park fundamental mission to give them a place of relaxation, using a large sector of green areas to achieve this task. It should also be noted that in 1995 received the title of protected area, and this detail generated by the visit of many foreign tourists. In his thirty-nine acres it is possible to see a number of wild animals in close contact with nature.

Many of these are in danger of extinction, therefore, are cared for with great care. There is also a plant that is very exotic and attractive for foreign travelers, which is the remnant of tropical forest that was before building this ecological park. Another detail worth mentioning is that is located in the southwestern part of the city and crosses the following avenues: on the south by the Nichupte, on the north by the Forest and on the east by the Kabah. Turning to animals, it can be said that in this place forty-six species of vertebrates, of which ten are reptiles twelve mammals, birds blackjack and three amphibians are. All these can be observed with great tranquility along the trails, the most representative, crocodiles, spider monkeys and coatis, also known as narica nasua.

On the other hand, that this place is publicized and known to all visitors who come to Cancun, they carried out a series of guided by specialists who will give us a clue about the importance of natural resources in here runs. In addition to the courses there are also other interesting activities to do, such as workshops and ecological events.

For those seeking a place various forms of fun in this park one can find a variety of attractions. Therefore, it is virtually impossible to get bored inside its facilities. One of these is the Mayan house, which was used as a dwelling by the promoters of Cancun plan and that today is a museum of historic features. Continuing with the attractions of this park, we can say that the Mayan solar, chicle camp nursery and luxury are three options for foreign travelers.

Finally, it should be noted that this place has special areas for recreation of tourists and playground for the little ones in the house. Itself, to enjoy a day at this place is an exceptional experience, and that combine perfectly quiet and knowledge. For this reason, many people who come to this Mexican city used the park as ideal for bicycling, jogging or escape from routine environment.

Another site of interest that can be visited by foreign tourists is the Yamil Lu'um, which is an archaeological site of Mayan culture which is located at twelve kilometer Kukulcan Boulevard. Getting here is possible thanks to the beach that lies beside the most important temple. This is known as the Temple of the Scorpion and is supported by a platform vertical walls. It also has a grandstand four steps is limited by two ramps that have forms of a given.

It is also worth mentioning that in the upper part of this construction, there is a platform that supports the temple of a single camera. To access this area can only be done if any of the three clear comprised of two columns is crossed. Moreover, the roof had was covered and was made from wood edge and andirons. For the walls, we can say that these are inclined slightly outward. Finally, it should be noted that this entire building was painted, but now is no longer any trace of this fact remains. The location in time of this temple was in the Late Post Classic period, ie between 1200 and 1500 AD. (1200-1500 A.D.).

The archaeological site El Rey is another very good alternative if you want to know something more about the culture. This place is located in the hotel sector eighteen kilometer and can be considered the most significant archaeological site of this Mexican town known as Cancun. It should be noted that the party has explored forty seven structures corresponding to a related to the administration and religion area.

For historians, insurance here were carried out a series of ceremonies of great importance in the characters that were more political status at the time participated. One aspect that is interesting to try is the one that binds the paint samples remaining from the era in which the Maya lived. The vast maj 
ority of these plots are characterized by iconographic elements represent as their principal deities.

In general, when you walk into this place immediately connected with exotic aura. To see these paintings and see more of the religion of the ancient Maya is something that can actually be difficult to understand, but it undoubtedly is a spectacle for the eyes. Finally, we must not forget to mention that until today not the name of this building is known. He received the title of "The King", because within it a part of the sculpture (head) of a character with a human face, which told as he looked to be someone powerful was found. In itself, the head is well protected in the Archaeological Museum of Cancun. There it is exposed and is visited by foreign travelers.

A final point of interest is the famous Mirador, or also known as Playa Delfines. In general we can say that this site is one of the most beautiful attractions that one can witness if he is in Cancun. To be here and enjoy the waters of this beach is something magical and charming.

For many this part of Cancun is one of the best in the Caribbean. It is also worth mentioning that the Mirador is preferred by young people and adults to gather. In itself, whether it is day or night. All that matters is to have fun and enjoy themselves in the company of friends, family or partner. Here both residents of Cancun and foreign visitors who come to this Mexican city meet. Finally, we can say that the east you can see the ocean while the western area you can enjoy a spectacular view of the archaeological site of the King and the Nichupte Lagoon.

For lovers of leisure and entertainment this place is perfect. So if you have time and want to have fun, think no further than Mirador. You will not regret. It will be an excellent decision. You can spend luxurious and meet lots of new people. Strangers from time to time become intimate companions of party. At the end of the journey, will remind all those experiences when it is in the comfort of your home and feel glad I visited this famous attraction of Cancun.

In the case of floods, you might say that the Kukulcan Boulevard is one of the most interesting to visit because it runs through the hotel sector of the city. Also, here you can find a number of commercial establishments such diverse that can be useful to carry out shopping trip.

Should also be noted that the Avenida Tulum is the most important center of this Mexican city street because it's offices are situated State Government, City Hall, the fire station, banks and most prestigious bus stop. On the other hand, Jose Lopez Portillo avenue is useful because it connects the federal highway Merida-Puerto Juarez. To reach the hotel sector or Kukulcan Boulevard, the ideal is to take Coba Avenue, which crosses the Tulum, Bonampak and Yaxchilan streets. Finally, it is worth noting that the Bonampak avenue parallel to the street and serves Tulum connection to reach the hotel area. Soon, here you can see the main entrance of Puerto Cancun.

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