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Visit Seville: The Andalusian capital

Seville, a city of festivals and traditions

Introduction The city of Sevilla Sevilla became Spain's third city most visited by tourists from everywhere. Being the capital of the province of Andalusia has an area of ​​140.8 km2, it is full of tourist scenes and monuments. Both this, as its historical heritage and festivals there, attract many visitors from abroad to spend their holidays in Seville. In addition, people who are on a tour of Barcelona or Madrid made a trip here to also know this city.

Only you around town full of history and drives you to know more deeply. Among his most important historical monuments known to the Giralda, the Archive of the Indies, the Cathedral and the Alcázar declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In the city also we can palaces and a lot of churches.

You do not have to worry too much thinking what is the best time to visit the city as most of the year is perfect for traveling to Sevilla. Summers are very hot and dry, the hottest month is July. Also winter is also very mild, the coldest days are in January but nothing extreme temperatures. Although the whole year is excellent for sightseeing in Seville, one can say that the best seasons are spring and autumn.

Rains in the city are very limited, there are only an average of 52 rainy days in the year. The month with the most rainfall is recorded in December. This also provides much help to Seville to be one of the most interesting tourist spots.

 To move within the city can use the services of the buses, they offer different cards 1-3 days so that you can travel as many times as you need for a fixed price.
The trams are also widely used, ranging from the Prado de San Sebastian and Plaza Nueva. It is a very good option to get around the city. The metro is also another very good alternative.
Moving around the city by bike is very common in Sevilla. The streets are made with special lanes and you can also rent a bike at any of the 245 stations that are in the city.
Many tourists use taxis because they do not know the network of public services and do not want to miss in the city.
There is also the option of renting cars but you should know well all roads and streets of Seville.

During our trip to the city probably will need to make a purchase, Seville will find a lot of shops and markets. The most famous market in the city is the "Thursday", a show in which we find new and used items, clothes, books, decorative objects and furniture, among other things.
Within the historic center of Seville is located the big shopping area of ​​the city. There you can find and buy everything we need.

Among the products that are bought as souvenirs or souvenir of Seville are the fans, lace, pottery and handicrafts in blankets. Besides flamenco dresses, castanets and guitars.
What to visit in Seville
Sightseeing in Seville The capital of Andalucía is the third most visited city in Spain. Both foreign and Spanish come to visit the city at any time of year. Discover the history of Seville is exciting, visiting historical monuments brings to mind each time that happened there. It also presents a lot of churches and religious buildings. The city is beautiful everywhere you look, the architecture of the buildings, houses, streets, bridges and buildings, everything has a unique style that surprises tourists. Visit the museums are really interesting. And you can not miss the traditional visit to the square of bulls.

Sevilla presents activities and tourist attractions everywhere, something much of it was declared monumental and artistic heritage.

The main monuments are:

Seville Cathedral: This large Gothic building was declared a National Monument, but then also declared it as a World Heritage Site. The Chapel of San Antonio, Chapel of The Virgin and the altar are one of the most visited areas. In the Cathedral of Seville we can see exposed beautiful artworks and sculptures.
La Giralda: This is the most representative monument of the city. La Giralda has almost 100 mts. high. Climbing to the top of a ramp is very tiring but worth the effort when we are resting in the bell tower with a spectacular view over the city.
The Archive of the Indies: It was founded in 1660, is a beautiful building with two floors and a central courtyard. Presents a lot of information and documents of the time, among the best known is the journal of Columbus
  The Alcazar or Fortress: A must-see in Seville. Knowing this complex of palaces built with mixtures of different styles is a unique experience. Alcazar began as a fortress but its architectural beauty made over time many monarchs chose it as his residence. Each palace has a different story and each offers a different attraction for tourists. The decor of patios and lounges is really impressive. Like the gardens embellished with flowers and plants work. You can not lose it.

Maestranza Bullring: The more traditional tour of the city, this gives major bull bulls are made. The building is beautiful Maestranza was built in the Baroque style and painted in white and gold. Furthermore it is decorated with arches and marble columns. You can visit and learn about the history of the place in a guided tour or attend a bullfight on a Sunday afternoon. You can also visit the museum where you will see exposed bullfighters costumes and photographs. In the season of opera and concert you can go to any of the works and performances that take place there.

Gastronomy of Seville
Gastronomy in Sevilla Sevillian cuisine is very extensive. The dishes, the recipes and therefore more lightweight products such as labor are delicious. And there are variations in the ingredients used, their origins or presentations, the quality of food is always the same.
If you go to Seville gastronomic tourism we recommend you to try the "Tapas" the'll get in any restaurant. Tapas are mini portions that allow you to taste different dishes at one meal.

If we talk about the typical foods of Seville we can name stews, stir fries and salads. The meats most used to prepare these foods are meat poultry and pork, although they are also employed lamb and beef. Of fish and seafood is consumed.
The vegetables are also very common in the dishes, the most common are: tomatoes, green asparagus, artichokes, eggplant and spinach.

Sevilla Typical dishes are:

    Gazpacho: This dish is also known as "Cold soup" is a cream vegetable soup and tomato, seasoned with garlic, pepper, oil and vinegar. Eaten with bread.

    Cooked Andaluz: This is the most requested dish in Seville. As a starter dish with chickpeas and vegetable broth, and then another meat dish is served.

gg with vegetables and sauce. It is a very typical dish in town.
    Oxtail: oxtail are coated in flour and fried in olive oil. It served with onions, leeks and zanahorias.También is served stew and flavored with bay leaf, garlic and pepper.

    Fish Fry: One of the specialties. They are slices of fish floured and fried in oil. The most common fish used in these dishes: pink, squid, anchovies, fished and puntillitas.


Pavias fish: Similar to the above recipe but this is prepared only with fish sea.
    Kebab: Skewer pieces of pork and chicken seasoned with paprika.

    Snails: Sevilla prepare the best dishes with snails. One of the best recipes is when served with a rich spicy sauce
    Roe AlInAs: This dish is prepared with eggs hake. Serve with sliced ​​tomatoes and onions. It is flavored with vinegar, salt and pepper.

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